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Making grants to people in need who live in the Ancient Parish of Handsworth in Birmingham

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How to apply

As a small trust it is difficult for Trustees to directly deal with individual applicants. Therefore applications are only accepted from recognised referral agencies that are willing to act as the sponsoring organisation for the individual's application.

You should click here to check eligibility and download an application form.

Application process: Once a complete application form has been received it is checked for eligibility. Trustees meet three times per annum usually in mid March, mid July and mid November. Completed applications should be received the month before the Trustees meeting. Applications are considered at the Trustees meeting and a decision is communicated to the applicant and sponsoring organisation no longer than a week after the meeting.

Successful applicants are expected to provide receipts for purchases of goods made with the grant given. The Trustees expect that sponsoring organisations will take some responsibility to ensure that the grant is used for the purpose for which it was given.

To identify organisations that could act as a sponsoring organisation please click here.

Charity registration no. 216603

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